Provocative beer for conscious thinkers and drinkers

ATB Build Her Business Campaign - Feb 1- Mar 7

For 25 days between Feb 1-Mar 7 XhAle is aiming to raise $20k in operational capital to help take us take our operations to places XhAle is busting at the seems to go!

How does it work?

1. Hit the link below to go to the blog post that helps us understand why it is important to back female owned businesses.

2. Head to the link at the end that will take you to our ATB Build Her Business campaign OR go there right meow!

3. Watch our sweet vid/read our story, and look at all the rewards options to choose from.

4. Choose a reward, register, and donate.

5. Feel awesome AF for contributing to a female, queer, owned and operated business who aim to smash the traditional structures for the long haul!

XhAle ATB Build Her Business Campaign

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Provocative beer for conscious thinkers and drinkers

Built on the foundations of community thriving, sharing of ideas, challenging boundaries and imbibing passion. ​

We aim to connect through craft.​

We deliver not only exceptional craft beer, but we deliver it with a clear social message and community sharing.

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XhAle Brew Co. is committed to sustainability in our uses of all forest-based products, alongside our commitment to creating sustainable & thriving communities.

For this reason, XhAle Brew Co. is committed to protecting the world’s forests through our approach to procurement of pulp, paper and packaging.

It is our mission to adopt better practices within our business and also change craft brewing sustainability industry standards.